Wimbledon 2022 - Mads Berg is serving!

29 June 2022

Late last year CIA was invited into the kind of dialogue with the kind of organisation that tends to quicken the pulse somewhat. Briefs were shared, recommendations made, longlists became shortlists, two contenders became one winner. You could liken the process to qualifying, rounds and finals.


Mads Berg was the winner.


The new year saw the start of a compelling (and highly confidential) creative journey as our Great Dane applied his inimitable visual language to the rich cultural legacy of the All England Lawn Tennis Club and set about creating the visual language that would define the Wimbledon Championships 2022.

Celebrating the centenary of Centre Court and commissioning an exclusively illustrative approach for the first time in the history of the tournament, Mads was not only producing the master poster, but also the Holy Grail of international tennis, the Wimbledon ticket itself.

Distilling decades of history into a simultaneously timeless and highly contemporary suite of images is exactly what Mads is built for. Explosively serene, he’s encapsulated the mind-bending physical prowess required of the game alongside the quintessential elegance of the most sophisticated event in the global sporting calendar. He’s even squeezed in a nod to the rain that stops play.

Working directly with the creative team at the AELTC no detail was overlooked from the socks of the ball staff to the umpire’s chair and once the poster and ticket were designed Mads moved on to create the ATL work to support and promote the Championships around London.

"As an artist, as a tennis fan, and as a person, I am super happy and humbly honoured to be able to decorate the most charming of sports events, and to service the Championships with my poster art for 2022”

Congratulations Mads, now where’s that Champagne...

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