V&A Christmas with Alice Pattullo

05 December 2023

Are you ready to add some extra sparkle to your holiday season? Check out the stunning advent calendar created by Alice Pattullo in collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum! Keep reading to discover the magic that went into creating this one-of-a-kind masterpiece!



We love the spirit of the museum you have captured in your design, tell us a bit more about your creative process and colour palette that shifts to the dark side... 

Yes, I was asked to create a fun and festive interpretation of the V&A façade so I took the opportunity to adorn the museum with Christmas decorations and modified some of the architectural details on the building to be additional festive details. For example, the balustrade is now made up of little cracker silhouettes and the statue right on the top has been drowned in snow to make a happy snowman! And of course, there aren’t really Christmas stockings carved into the stonework. I wanted to use a limited colour palette and keep it festive, hence the red and gold, and then I went for the dark moody sky to help the celebratory snow and fireworks pop out! 

How does it feel to come full circle with your design now available as a Christmas card at the V&A museum shop, considering that one of your earliest commissions was also a Christmas card for them?

Very humbling! Yes, I did another Christmas card design for them fairly early on in my career and also made a couple of limited edition prints inspired by the collections for the shop, so it is always lovely to be approached to work with them again and on something so fun as an advent calendar (also available as a card set). I often feel a bit Grinch-like as Christmas gets closer, so when I’ve worked on a Christmassy project earlier in the year, it always helps me get more into the Christmas spirit once it is released to the world. I don’t actually know what order they put the images behind the doors so it will be a surprise for me too when I open number 1 on the first!

Explore Alice's portfolio now to see more of her stunning illustrations... 

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