Toby Leigh x Mercedes

18 June 2024

When Janis Joplin sang “Oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz” we don't think she was necessarily thinking of one the size of a van… But size is what the T-Class prides itself on and Toby Leigh has been having fun with TBWA\PARIS via Hugo at our CIA Paris office testing out what this Mercedes can do.

When Life Gets Big, an awards campaign (which tends to allow a bit more room for playfulness) had Toby figuring out just what you could fit into that hefty boot. “This was a fun job and it was really refreshing to work with a client that allowed me so much creative freedom. There was a healthy debate about some of my more anarchic ideas, but in the end I think we’ve created quite an exciting campaign.”

Take a look at more funny courtesy of Toby here. 

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