Invisible Cities: An NFT Collection from Shan Jiang

11 August 2022

In the spirit of traveling, we're excited to share a sneak peek of the new NFT collection 'Invisible Cities', by illustrator Shan Jiang. Explore these pieces of art and discover hidden cities around you.  


“Invisible Cities I” includes six unique artworks specially edited for this collection. The six images represent six memories of the places Shan's visited: 'Rider and Horse' - The Night Museum, 'Owl' - The English Country, 'Swan' - The Ally Pally, 'Zodiac' - The Space, 'Skull' - The Eden Garden and 'Tiger' - Kyoto Street Party.

Highly acclaimed in the world of illustration, the talented Shan Jiang's works transcend the boundary between fine art and illustration.

Shan’s immaculately detailed and captivating works are the result of the artist’s constant exploration in developing visual language and style to express his personal and visual experiences.

If you’ve got a project on the boil and need some inspiration, be sure to check out Shan's folio or give us an email at

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