Harry Tennant TED-Ed animation + Dunhill

18 June 2024

We’ve got two fun projects from Harry Tennant for you, kicking off with a Lunar New Year brief from Dunhill. Harry’s an illustrator and animator and this project had him weaving dragons, among other things, around pack shots of luxury accessories.

"I loved working on this animation series! The dragon was instantly going to be a challenge to animate whilst keeping true to the illustrations and sitting amongst photography, but with some After Effects trickery it was possible to control the motion easily, and the flourishes of detail around the dragon gave it that celebratory feel.”

You can check out more of this project in Harry's folio here. 

And then we have his TED-Ed animation A Brief History of Coffee, which you can see right here. The goats started it. Did you know that? Hyperactive goats. Well it’s true and if you want to find out how watch the film.

This was animated using a combination of After Effects, frame-by-frame animation, and stacks of old scanned-in screen printed textures. "It was amazing to be involved right the way through production and be able to both illustrate and animate the film. The sheer amount of content was a challenge in itself, trying to reduce so much reference imagery from across history into something that wouldn't be visually crowded or hard to follow.”

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