Diego Dalla Palma

25 January 2024

This project was commissioned directly by Francesca Malanchino at Diego Dalla Palma, the historic Italian brand known for its expertise in makeup, skincare and hair care.
"I was asked to create sticker style illustrations to decorate packaging for their special edition gift kits. Each kit had a specific theme or line of products and the illustrations needed to represent their benefits. I loved getting stuck in to the different themes such as hydration, gold or relax and creating little icon illustrations to represent each one. I also chose different colour pallets so that each kit boldly stood out from the other and gave a flavour for what the kit contained. I really enjoy creating banks of sticker style illustrations, it's great to delve deep into a theme and try to create something that is recognisable, simple but impactful. I think this style of illustration works great on packaging, it’s quite eye catching and you can really create a certain vibe with what you choose to group together."


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