Chobani x Aitch

18 June 2024

Okay okay, we know that Aitch is one of our artists and therefore it's a given that we love her work, but WOW! This campaign is bringing summery notes in abundance, multiple print layouts with animations too gave Chobani the lift it needed so perfectly.

“This project was a perfect blend of creativity and collaboration. Working on the animated ad along the remarkably talented people at Nathan Love studios and the wonderful Chobani team was an incredibly rewarding experience for me as an illustrator. It was my first contact with the animation world and that comes with a very specific set of requirements, a very organized one, to which I wasn't accustomed at the time. Seeing my illustrations come to life in an animation that resonated with Chobani’s audience was a proud moment, underscoring the joy of contributing to a project that combines art with a beloved brand.”

You can get a taste of more beautiful work by Aitch here. 

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