Celebrating Another Year with Dog & Rabbit!

11 January 2023

Where to start with Dog & Rabbit?! We’ve had the intoxicating honour of working with the team behind the bone and carrot for over twenty years and the secret to our enduring affair is their love of collaborating with our global illustrators. Not short of image-making talent within their own ranks, they nevertheless relish the chance to make CIA's earth move so when a client has picked an illustrator from our roster but also needs to hit the play button, we know who to call. 


What makes an animation a Dog & Rabbit animation?

Dog and Rabbit cover several animation styles including line-drawn, photo cut-out, stop motion and graphic to name a few. Being flexible when working on an animation brief enables us to animate almost every one of CIA’s artists, with lovingly crafted details that only the best eyeballs will fully appreciate (like yours). We like to find the humour in things and produce work that makes people smile - for example, we have made over a hundred episodes of 'Dog Judo', our dog-based judo comedy. 

Congratulations on your campaign with WRAP and Kindred winning the DMA Gold Award in Sustainability. What unique qualities do you think the animation beholds that had it win this award? 

Winning the award was down to a combination of a compelling story and script, strong illustration and very clever use of media. From an animation point of view, we think we captured the panic and despair of the situation. In micro terms, the struggle of the bear as ice caps melt and food is ever more scarce. In global terms, the absurdity of how much food we waste.

We love the nostalgic, collage vibe and energy of your Beatles Vs Stones piece, can you tell us about the inspiration behind this piece and your aspirations for it?

We wanted to create something that was 100% fun and show off our ability to bring any kind of still image to life. Everyone who worked on this project got really into it and that's why you'll always spot something new every time you watch it. We hope the film will inspire more work for us in a similar style. Also, not nearly enough 1960s bands are having cake fights - it's been a growing problem for years, and we wanted to highlight that.

An ode to our relationship with them, Dog & Rabbit thoughtfully crafted an animation which pays homage to some of the wonderful projects we have collaborated on over the years - check it out below!

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