BA High Life + Grafonola workspace Development

18 March 2024

Jonny Wan’s been lending his dynamic visual flair to the British Airways in-flight magazine and also a highly contemporary new workspace in Farringdon. We caught up with him about both projects:

"The lovely folks at Socrates reached out looking for a key illustration to represent Granfonla, a highly contemporary and sophisticated office space set within a gorgeous restored Victorian warehouse at the heart of Farringdon.

This project involved bringing the architectural blueprint of each floor to life and in doing so, set the tone and atmosphere for the newly restored warehouse. The end result was a highly detailed cross section of the entire building showing the communal and contemporary nature of the tenants and interior decor. The final illustration was hosted on the website as an interactive piece where viewers can delve into each floor and explore all the tiny details hidden within the vibrant scene. 

This project was a lovely change of pace as I rarely get to illustrate something so dense and detail orientated. The simple graphic nature of the work meant we could communicate large swaths of information quickly without it looking too cluttered.”

"I’ve illustrated a few covers for the High Life over the years so it was a pleasure to considered again for a set of three covers showing off the hottest hotels in 2024. 

We focussed on three hotels that reflected three different backdrop locations, city, rural and beach. A fantastic project in which I was given the creative freedom to explore each location as I saw fit aesthetically. We finished the project with some highly graphic depictions using a more abstract colour palette framed with patterns representing the hotels respective regions.”

If you'd like to see more of Jonny's work you can take a browse through his folio here.


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