Andrew Bannecker Artist Interview

18 March 2024

Inspiration is everywhere when you speak with Andrew Bannecker. From his upbringing in the middle of the USA in the 80s and 90s with it’s wild colours and tight-knit creative communities, to the international influences he’s garnered while traversing the globe, his visual approach knows no language barriers. "I work from my home studio. It's filled with all sorts of inspiration from antique African art to cool advertising I've pinched out in the wild. If I wasn’t here in the US I’d be in Mexico City. I find Mexican culture magical.”

Growing up there was a familial artistic vibe, his Mum “had an amazing eye for beauty”, and also "My uncle is a designer and growing up he would show me amazing things he was working on. It was truly inspiring to watch him work in his studio. He was definitely a big influence.” That design influence stuck and Andrew’s studio is littered with around 300 Sharpies. He picks one up every day.

There’s a constant internal conversation going during the development of his work. "Many of my most successful pieces started as something very different. The transformation that happens when I'm working is when I know I'm on to something” and that freedom to explore and invite serendipity can be hugely beneficial to an artist’s’ practice. A favourite commercial project was when he was Kiehl's Global Holiday Artist. "It was the first time they did a global thing so I was able to travel around the world and draw. Kiehl's was a dream client. I was able to really just create and I still day dream about it."

Andrew’s amassed an impressive client list but is always looking to the next project. Chanel is on his radar and would one day love to collaborate with the American sculptor Nick Cave "His work is beyond inspiring to me”.

And so Andrew’s creative journey continues. "I've always been drawn to bright colors and cute characters. So like many artists the more you draw the better you get and the more things start to evolve. But when I look back at my real early stuff wow am I embarrassed.”

I think we’ve all been there! Take a stroll through more Bannecker magic here.

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