Alchemy x U-Dox for Adidas

19 March 2024

U-Dox came to Alchemy with a project for Adidas, the concept to be realised was ‘Close, Closer, Closest’ and so needed a CGI partner to come on board and help them with the ‘closest’ element.

This project was all about R+D! No stone was left unturned as we struck a balance between the emotional and physical benefits of each piece of tech, creating different cloth simulations and CGI worlds for our ‘closet’ section of the films. This was a huge technical undertaking for the team, working with complex cloth simulations and having to iteratively address client and agency feedback.

Once we had our style and approach locked for the CGI elements we then entered production and in addition to the CGI work we also edited each film and created transitions between live action footage of the products being used before grading and delivering 7 films across multiple different formats for use by Adidas marketing teams round the globe."

You can take a look at this motion project in Alchemy's folio here.

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