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Central Illustration Agency

Central Illustration Agency

Central Illustration Agency

Marcos Farina

Straight from Argentina, Marcos Farina studied graphic design & handmade printing techniques and is now teaching at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism in Buenos Aires. Marcos’ clean illustrative style is playful and unique, his carefully selected palette is rooted in retro. With ingenuity and a sprinkle of humour, Marcos tackles complex concepts, always seeking a simple, beautifully structured outcome.

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Marcos Farina

Marcos Farina, Poster illustration. Blue, red, yellow colour palette with textural renders of 2 dogs.

Marcos Farina, Illustrated Stamp design about the fauna and flora of the Costanera Sur, Buenos Aires. Made for the book Cuenta Buenos Aires.

Marcos Farina, Digital poster illustration with a painterly render of a person playing the saxophone for the Boston Globe. Cover artwork.

Marcos Farina, Playful textural digital illustration for a Pizzeria in Rome. Detailed Illustration of a pizza and all its ingredients including an onion and mozzarella.

Marcos Farina, Bright and playful humorous digital illustration using limited blue, green and yellow colour palette. 
Parrot posing on a wine bottle surrounded by decorative elements

Marcos Farina, Digital textural illustration of a botanical warrior woman carrying a baguette with fish, birds and wildlife surrounding her.

Marcos Farina, Children illustration of a girl walking through the forest. Summers colour palette with trees and botanical elements throughout.

Marcos Farina, Retro textural graphic nature illustration for plates

Marcos Farina, Illustrations and  book cover design for the special re-edition of the book originally published in 1943, exploring the Argentine flora and fauna. All botanical elements on a green background.

Marcos Farina, Composition of spot illustrations of New York iconic monument and elements. Minimalist shapes

Marcos Farina, Marcos Farina Digital textural illustration of crowd featuring a whole city of playful characters with botanical elements interweaved throughout.

Marcos Farina, Digital textural illustration of adventure.

Marcos Farina, Architectural minimal illustration using bold colours

Marcos Farina, Children minimal illustration of Harrods shop

Marcos Farina, Marcos Farina Playful textural illustration of 3 artists painting, sculpting and drawing.

Marcos Farina, Digital textural illustration of hipsters walking their dig in New York City

Marcos Farina, Multitask man for editorial piece

Marcos Farina, Marcos Farina

Marcos Farina, Tennis game

Marcos Farina, Graphic illustration of foxes on chocolate packaging

Marcos Farina, Children animals  textural characters

Marcos Farina, Marcos Farina

Marcos Farina, Digital and textural graphic illustration of a bee pattern.

Marcos Farina, Digital and textural illustrations from a book about traveling. Brooklyn bar

Marcos Farina, Bright and playful packaging illustration design for children's mug.

Marcos Farina, Digital textural illustrated poster of a people coworking and brainstorming over a desk for SOHO House, textural, digital, lifestyle.

Marcos Farina, Book cover about London. Digital and textural illustrations of London landmark and famous elements. Playful and bright.

Marcos Farina, Textural and minimal graphic illustration of a character in a library

Marcos Farina, Textural and graphic illustration of an apple farmer posing between apple trees

Marcos Farina, Textural graphic pattern for tea packaging

Marcos Farina, Animated GIF of a children character

Marcos Farina, Playful children like illustration of a detailed opera scenery