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Jonny Wan

Jonny Wan is a UK based graphic artist creating commercial work used across the creative spectrum globally from advertising to fashion and beyond.

The work is characterised by mixing bold graphic shapes, patterns, texture and detail. This process of alchemy has led to working with clients nationally and internationally on a variety of projects since graduating from the Manchester School of Art. Clients include Ford, Audi, Kiehls, Microsoft and Aperol amongst others!

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Jonny Wan

Jonny Wan, Animated Gif of little pig riding his bike

Jonny Wan, Bold and graphic illustration inspired by the great whisky tasters. Texture and decorative geometric element with a blue background.

Jonny Wan, Architectural drawing by Jonny Wan.

Jonny Wan,

Jonny Wan, Graphic, colourful style postcard illustration for British Airways set 'The Art of Travel.'

Jonny Wan, BA Highlife Magazine trilogy by Jonny Wan.

Jonny Wan, The Guardian, Christmas Book Roundup, illustrated by Jonny Wann.

Jonny Wan, Detailed vector illustration of a lady in a hijab.

Jonny Wan, Graphic, vector style illustration of a crowd of multi-cultural people with abstract geometric patterns. Including a priest, a basketball player, a japanese woman, a jewish man and a policewoman.

Jonny Wan, Vector bold playful graphic illustration of a couple drinking Aperol Spritz on a balcony overlooking the sunset.

Jonny Wan, Illustration of Joan of Arc riding a horse with a flag in a geometric and decorative digital style created for a children's book.

Jonny Wan, Advertising flat vector pattern for Aperol Spritz for an experiential outdoor mural. Orange and blue graphic elements and characters. Summery design of a bottle.

Jonny Wan, Packaging design for Jonny Walker with blue graphic elements

Jonny Wan, Spot vector illustration for Lion Cannes of a man holding a microphone.

Jonny Wan, Bold vector illustration of a man in a playful patterned jacket.

Jonny Wan, Magazine cover page illustrated by Jonny Wan. Textured and digital with decorative element representing two male

Jonny Wan,

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Jonny Wan, Spot vector illustration of a lady at a desk, graphic simple style.

Jonny Wan, Bold and graphic illustration

Jonny Wan, The Viacom CBS project was for their "inclusion week" which is an annual event held throughout their offices globally aiming to champion diversity throughout the media industry with this year being held virtually due to the pandemic. There were over 50 on

Jonny Wan, Playful vector spot illustration of a man standing with posters behind him for Lions Cannes.

Jonny Wan, Packaging design for Jonny Walker with blue graphic elements

Jonny Wan, The 12 characters all have their own unique personality and we worked closely with illustrator Jonny Wan to bring each of them to life.

Jonny Wan, Mountain scape with bold and bright colours

Jonny Wan, Bold and graphic illustration inspired by travel with figures within a cityscape. Cover Art for British Airways 'The Art Of Travel' which is a set of illustrated limited edition postcards.

Jonny Wan, Vector illustration of a lady.

Jonny Wan, Working with Samantha Taruvinga and Regina Fichtner from Bayern Munich, we created a series of illustrations celebrating the clubs most successful players who conquered Europe together in the 60’s and 70’s. <br><br>

Jonny Wan, Art deco style illustration of a man sitting at a bar

Jonny Wan,

Jonny Wan, Vector bold graphic simple illustration of a woman.

Jonny Wan,

Jonny Wan, 1930s art deco elegance DutchScot illustration in a shot glass.

Jonny Wan, Jonny Wan

Jonny Wan, Bold and graphic summery digital illustration for an alcohol brand

Jonny Wan, Digital geometric illustration exploring the world of what's real and fake on social media featuring a series of women and speech marks.

Jonny Wan, Graphic and bold decorative art deco illustration of a woman

Jonny Wan, Geometric digital illustration of a man in an office with a bookshelf of whisky in the background.