26 April 2018

Portrait Master

We are continually blown away by the raw emotions David De Las Heras captures with his brush. It’s hard not to feel what his portraits are communicating. This illustration is the cover of a winning award book “Biography of a body”, a prestigious prize of best youth literature delivered by The Queen of Spain herself. 

Portrait Illustrators

9 April 2018


A century of unseen British horror… this is what Dead Ink Books Publishing is ready to release after securing the rights to the entire Eden Book Society horror archives. A spooky project, but not scary enough for Darren Hopes who has already illustrated 6 of their books! His atmospheric and mysterious style will likely give you shivers down your spine.

Photo Collage Illustrators

29 March 2018


Emily Phillips ‘TRYING’ is a story about conceiving. Charlotte Day was asked to surround the title with bountiful and fertile flora indicating reproduction and sexual anatomy with petals and leaves pushing enthusiastically through the letters, in a beautiful and ebullient way. Published by Hodder and Stoughton.

15 March 2018

A Cave of Wonders

Travel back in time with the book “wonders of the world’s museums”, beautifully illustrated by CIA artist Harriet Taylor Seed and in collaboration with artist Peter Malone. Discover the most fascinating and mysterious objects found in museums and astonishing stories of how treasures were created, found and displayed. Take a deep breath and open up this trove of treasures

Pattern Illustrators

7 March 2018

Food Monthly

Jitesh Patel's intiricate pen work adorns the latest cover of Food Monthly for The Observer. Celebrating food and culture and all the good things in life, you can't miss out on this issue - grab a copy now and oggle some of Jitesh's handiwork.

6 March 2018

Myth Match

Have you ever wondered what a Unifin would look like? Yes, a Unifin, it's a mix between a unicorn and a griffin. That’s the kind of creature you can find in Good Wives & Warriors fantastical flipbook “Myth Match” which collects together magical and mythical creatures from all over the world. Mix and match the creatures, swap the fronts and backs and create over 1,000 possible wondrous beasts!

Hand Drawn & Painterly Illustrators

2 March 2018

New Artist Ruby Taylor!

It's Friday, and what better way to send you off into the weekend than with a new artist announcement! Ruby Taylor collects inspiration in everything around her, but is especially drawn to old printed ephemera, vintage illustration and hand painted signage. Colour plays an important role in her work and each colour palette is meticulously selected resulting in her distinctive style full of warmth and fun in equal measure. She has worked with clients such as Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Tory Burch and Adidas.

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28 February 2018

Rebel Women Who Changed the World

Meet 25 of the most powerful and inspirational women of all time in Carlton Kids’ “What Would She Do?” Book, illustrated by renowned artists included 3 of our CIA illustrators, Susan Burghart, Anna Higgie & Jonny Wan. From Joan of Arc to Jane Goodall, learn about powerful and inspiring women with incredible life stories throughout history. Each profile concludes with a "What Would She Do?" scenario that applies the subject's attitude to a relatable situation. Not just a man’s world anymore.

21 February 2018

Web of Silence

After the Harvey Weinstein scandal, many other industries have decided to speak out about allegations of sexual harassment and abuse of power. It’s the turn of the Royal Academy of Dance to speak some hard truths and open up the floor to discussion. They denounce in their magazine “Dance Gazette” stories of abuse and denial in the realm of classical ballet. Accompanying these hard to hear tales, the powerful illustration by Deanna Halsall whose approach is both sensitive and impacting. 

Vector Illustrator

19 February 2018

Illustration Marathon

What an achievement for Sarah J Coleman, aka Inkymole, who has created 80 illustrations for Andrea Gibson’s new poetry book, 'Take Me With You'. Recently published, the book is full of inspirational messages on love, gender, politics, sexuality, family and forgiveness. Grab a copy and get clued up.

Typography Illustrators