12 March 2018

Family Feud

Brosmind is a family business, like in every family and in every business, they sometimes have conflicted point of views. Brothers Juan and Alejandro have a totally different and unusual approach of how to resolve those conflicts and this must be why we love them so much. They started developing a series of technological gadgets to ingeniously unlock any dead end situations about decision making.


Let us introduce you the FlipCoin which is making binary decisions much easier.“ By pressing its' only button, we will jump to a nice animated coin, which at the fall will randomly show the face of Juan or Alejandro”. The Brosmind Dunk offers a method for making decisions less immediate than the launch of a coin. “It is ideal for situations where you are discussing issues with a certain depth where it is not advisable to make hot decisions.” The system consists of a two-player basketball game, in which the winner will be the one whose opinion will be accepted. And finally, for extreme situations that can affect the existence of the study or family cohesion, the Family Business. “In this case it is a 4 players fighting video game, starring all the members of our family. The system offers many possible results. If nobody agrees, logically the game will end when there is only one character left standing”.

Vector Illustrators

9 March 2018


We can add yet another prestigious designer collaboration to the list for artist Ricardo Cavolo! Following on from Bally, Zara an Alexander McQueen, the iconic Spanish artist has illustrated a collection of bags for the brand If Bags. Inspired by the painter Frida Kahlo, Ricardo shares her taste for symbolism. “A piece of art is not always something standing in a museum. Sometimes it is something you can keep with yourself.”

Hand Drawn Illustrators

2 March 2018

New Artist Ruby Taylor!

It's Friday, and what better way to send you off into the weekend than with a new artist announcement! Ruby Taylor collects inspiration in everything around her, but is especially drawn to old printed ephemera, vintage illustration and hand painted signage. Colour plays an important role in her work and each colour palette is meticulously selected resulting in her distinctive style full of warmth and fun in equal measure. She has worked with clients such as Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Tory Burch and Adidas.

illustrators, prosecco, characters, colour

14 February 2018

Love & Yoghurt

It's Valentines day, hoorah. I'm sure we are expected to show you some kind of humorous satirical piece on the perils of romance because, y'know, we're funny like that. This year we're making a change, getting cute and showing off a spectacular project by a truly tremendous artist. Aitch has worked with Chobani to create a fully fledged campaign for their rebrand and release of their latest product. You can see her work beautifully animated over here. Until then, here's some brand illustration, some delicious yoghurt and some super huge lovin' from us. 



5 December 2017


Clarges Mayfair, the swanky new building development set to be the hottest spot in London is underway, Andy Singleton has been asked to create a beautiful wintery scene. Currently installed in the reception of this fine new building, there are plans to showcase it in the groundlfoors windows. Keep your eyes peeled for this paper sculpture to get you in the Christmas spirit. 

30 November 2017

The Good Guys

Good Wives & Warriors are the new “face” of I+M cosmetic, an organic, vegan, fair-player, plant powered & do-gooder German brand. Hard to do better. Each illustration communicates the political and sustainable values of the brand using a spirit animal to capture the different aspects of what beauty can mean and floral elements of their natural, plant-based ingredients. Powerful illustrations for a powerful brand.

Hand Drawn & Painterly Illustrators

27 November 2017

Festive Hamper

It's that time of year again - Kerry Hyndman's beautiful packaging and advertising work for Waitrose will be appearing on the shelves in the forms of biscuit tins and other edible treats. So get in the spirit of over-eating and stock up now!

22 November 2017

Far & Wide

Ricardo Cavolo has struck again.After a collaboration with Bally & Zara, it’s the turn for Atelier New Regime, a Montreal-based streetwear label, to use Ricardo Cavolo’s iconic illustrations. Their collaboration called “the Change” is about getting back to human essence using symbolism of animals as a metaphor for messages of love, freedom, brotherhood & acceptance. 



Hand Drawn Illustrators

9 November 2017

Pop-Up Shop

Looking for special gifts this Christmas? Look no further than Chris Brown's pop-up shop, selling unique gifts throughout November. Expect to find hand printed tea towel, plates, tiles, dog bowls, scarves, badges. lampshades and original linocuts. Cor blimey, sounds delightful!

27 October 2017

Stylish Stokey!

We have some colleagues amongst us who'd argue they're the most stylish in the CIA office but they don't really live in Stoke Newington anymore, so surely Sarah our finance guru is in the lead? Sorry Ben. 


Jitesh Patel's recent hand drawn piece mapped out the fashion and style of one of our favourite neighbourhood's for Metropolitan Magazine. We think the composition in this right on the money!