18 August 2017


Andy Singleton's latest work is exhibiting in Manchester Motel One Royal Exchange. Taking inspiration from Manchester's cotton producing history and inspired by the process of manufacturing cotton thread and fabric, Andy Singleton has created a large scale installation and 3 small cased works exploring the theme. The work explores the moment the cotton thread is woven into a new forms and becomes fabric, capturing the energy of the process. 

5 June 2017

Tate Walks

Catch Simon Spilsbury on Sky Arts programme 'Tate Walks’ Tuesday 6th at 8pm for a documentary and discussion behind his incredible 3 metre illustration of race day at Epsom Derby. Simon was followed by a film crew all day at the event as he was reportage sketching. Following this he had a studio filming session a few weeks later to see his interpretation of The Derby Day, an 1858 William Powell Frith painting. What an opportunity to understand the finesse and skill behind Simon's astute humour and energy, in his truly original artwork. Don't miss out!

4 May 2017

London Zoo!

ELLO, ELLO, ELLO what have we here? Some rather cheeky chappies from charming folk illustrator Margaux Carpentier for London Zoo - be sure to spot her murals there too. She has such an individual style that sets her apart from other folk illustrators, crossing the boundaries of painting into the lands of graphic vectors - we can't get enough of these cute guys. Thanks Margaux, you've cheered us right up. 

15 March 2017

The Vyne

You'll spot Chris Brown's installation and new visitor experience for the house at The National Trust site, The Vyne in Hampshire. His beautifully crafted work is perfectly matched with the Tudo history of the building and will be installed whilst they undergo some extensive conservation work.  The Vyne has an original Tudor chapel as part of the house which Chris has brought to life with his linocuts Henry V111 and Anne Boelyn on horsebaack and processions of activity continued throughtout the building. 


We're going to make it a CIA day out this spring for sure and grabbing all the merch!


13 January 2017

Disney Guide

Here's another shout out to fans of Rogue One. Dale Edwin Murray has been commissioned by Disney and Complex to illustrate a character guide to the lastest Star Wars film. He has captured the personailties and physicality of the cast brilliantly in these graphic, full bodied portraits. 

13 December 2016

Buff Animation

On the thirteenth day of Christmas Jessie Ford gave to us...some tasty animated graphics. Jessie is working with her local design agency in Brighton 'Buff Motion' to create, well, some pretty buff illustration!



31 October 2016

Drawing in Space

Following on from ‘Drawing in the Sea’, Harriet Russell’s new book ‘Drawing in Space’ takes us on an exciting journey beyond our world. eaders can make a planet fruit salad and their very own big bang, as well as read about poor old Pluto being re-classed as a dwarf planet. In this alternative space world, children can have snow ball fights with comets or go ice skating on uranus!


Drawing in Space is published by Edizioni Corraini.

14 March 2016

This Season

Sandra Mansour has teamed up with pattern/print/mural enthusiast Aitch and the results are simply stunning. We'll leave you to drool over these pieces in the collection...

29 January 2016


It's always rousing whilst walking along the beautiful stretch of Champs-Elyseés, Paris to see Jeff Fisher's work standing proud. As part of La Fête du Graphisme, Graphic festival. 39 artists and designers were invited to participate and submit an artwork. This year was the 3rd time it took place and the subject was Celebrating the city. Jeff's interpretation demonstrates his wonderous painterly marks and carefully hand rendered abstract shapes.


La Fête du Graphisme, is sponsored by, among others, the city of Paris and JC Decaux.

26 January 2016

C.I.A Collab with Graeae Theatre

Get your weary January-jaded bodies down to The Guardian headquarters, Kings Place this february for the eagerly anticipated 'Reframing The Myth' exhibition. 


CIA has partnered 40 of its illustrators with 40 of Graeae Theatre Company’s artists to explore their mutual creativity and produce artwork inspired by the experiences of the company’s actors, dancers, writers and directors. This cultural crossover between art and theatre practicioners is set to be extrodinary, illuminating some of the challenges that members of the Deaf and disabled community face due to the governments ongoing changes to the benefits system. We can't wait to see it all in up and in action!


Here's a sneaky crop of Chris Gilvan Cartwright's piece to whet your appetites...