18 May 2018

Hong Kong

Quirky and humorous, yet flawless in style, it’s safe to say we all admire Martin Haake’s tenacity. Martin loves playing with scale and perspective, and there is something very charming about it. This Hong Kong map is from his “City Atlas” book, can you spot the wishing tree? 

collage illustrator

10 May 2018

May The Force Be With You

An astonishing treatment of light and depth in this Star Wars art…no doubt, this is the work of Dan Mumford. Dan has a soft spot for pop culture, it’s no wonder Empire Magazine, the film and series experts, have commissioned Dan for their last cover! Jedis, get your popcorn ready for the next episode “Solo: A Star Wars Story”.

Cinematic illustrator

8 May 2018


Pointless or necessary, dangerous or inefficient, some laws are just absurd. Stephen Collins has illustrated the craziest laws around the world for Reader’s Digest - a combination of a witty mind and flowing pen create these results! Did you know that the Swiss are allowed to hike naked or that aliens are forbidden to land in vineyards? On another note, although Stephen is best known for his comics, he has other tricks in his hat... He will be publishing his second book “Baby’s first bank Heist” in June - stay tuned!

Comic illustrator

2 May 2018


Meet the phantasmagoric mind of Neal Fox - a punk world without rules, where the impossible meets the possible and where time and space are meaningless. Neal has a unique, surreal and sometimes wonderfully macabre way of depicting society and pop culture. Here is the portrait of the Godfather for an interview with Francis Ford Coppola Noble Rot magazine. 

20 April 2018

To The Queen

We needed a King to wish Happy Birthday to a Queen. So we’ve found the King of British Pop Art, Sir Peter Blake, one of the most influential artists of our generation. The painter said he had been there for many of the Queen’s big occasions "I was in the crowds with my grandmother at her wedding to Philip, the victory parade after the war, and lots of royal events" (Interview from the Telegraph - 2012). 91 years old and 66 years of reign, Queen Elisabeth has ruled for longer than any other Monarch in British history, becoming a respected figure across the globe. This portrait by Sir Peter Blake was commissioned to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee by the Radio Times back in 2012. 

Collage Illustrators

16 April 2018


Humour and peculiarity – the trademark of Paul Slater’s art. Paul’s iconic, darkly humorous style has been travelling through time without taking a wrinkle. This living legend is currently working on something rather secretive with the agency NB studio. So until the big reveal - here’s the artwork of a job that Paul created for NB studio the last time they worked together, a few decades ago. It’s looking as fresh today as it did then! 

Painterely Illustrator

13 April 2018

Whimsy Mine

Here is a funny one: Stephen Collins, a keen-eyed observer of modern life who translates everything around him into the funniest cartoons. This comic on “how to make funny cartoons” has been specially drawn for esteemed magazine Creative Review and is packed full of wit. Stephen will forever make us giggle over our morning cuppa splosh. 

Comic illustrator

6 April 2018

Challenge London

A New Direction agency are working with CIA artist Ruby Taylor and together they're shaking things up for the children and young people in London, giving them access to some of London’s extraordinary creative and cultural offerings. This beautiful piece of infographic is a part of their new project “Challenge London”. 

Children illustrators

4 April 2018

Infinity War

With bold shading and a graphic cinematic flare, Matt Taylor is the go-to guy for Americana inspired illustrations with a nod to classic books from the 50's and 60's. This dramatic cover artwork has been commissioned for a special issue of Birth.Movies.Death magazine to celebrate the release of Avengers: Infinity War, released on April 27th. 

Comic Book Illustrators

3 April 2018


With his clear comic book influence, Coke Navarro has the faculty to tell a story in an instant. Rooted in a cinematic style, we love how the dynamism between the light and hard shadow impacts the scenery and his characters, creating a very intriguing feeling. I mean, look at those bad boys!

Comic illustrator