15 August 2018


With such a conceptual and narrative way of working, Dale Edwin Murray can translate any subject into something engaging. Dale’s most recent reveal is an artwork for Spike Lee’s movie - an incredible true story of an African American detective infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan. 

27 July 2018

Angel or Devil?

Ever wonder how many of us have those inner voices of angels and demons contradicting each other? You know the kind of thing - 'A glass of wine is good for you' versus 'Go on, finish the whole bottle', or 'A biscuit with that cup of tea would be nice' versus 'The whole packet would be even better'. Here is an insight into what happens in your everyday decisions making. Credit to the amazing Mike Wilks

19 July 2018


Mindfulness is a hot topic these days, but its potential importance to higher education has not yet been broadly recognised. It can be described as a form of meditation and a way of living. It is a mental discipline that involves not only sharpening present-moment attention but also cultivating the attitude with which we pay attention: one of curiosity, acceptance, openness and compassion. So, feel the power of now with this illustration by Mick Marston for The Times Education Supplement. 

18 July 2018


We have a tasty summery spread for you by clay model artist Clay Disarray. Titled 'The Inedibles' this series is both bold and playful - a great insight into how graphic the results can be. Make sure you check out Clay's full portfolio over here. 

28 June 2018

Free the Galgo

Juan and Alejandro, the talented Brosmind brothers, have used their creativity to fight the heartbreaking story of the racing galgo dogs used for hunting and competition in Spain.  Every year over 50,000 galgos are considered not suitable for hunting and discarded; either abandoned, hanged, drowned, beaten to death or killed in other ways. Brosmind’s bright illustration will be used on bags and t-shirts to help to raise money to save the dogs! 

Vector Illustrators

14 June 2018

Structure in Creativity

There is a lovely sense of honesty in Harry Tennant's work, this set of four illustrations helped visualise the complexity, craft and creativity that come together in architecture and design practises. Comissioned for Blue Print Magazine.

4 June 2018

Emotional States

Inspired by Charles Darwin’s seven universal emotions, Andy Singleton has collaborated with design agency Pentagram and photographer John Ross on this series of expressive and intricate paper masks for the London Design Biennale’s identity. Darwin’s theory stated that all humans show a shared universal range of emotions regardless of culture: anger, fear, surprise, disgust, joy, sadness and contempt. The mask abstracts these behaviours by replacing human faces with more avant-garde paper interpretations. The 2018 festival, centred around the theme of emotional states and exploring how design affects all aspects of our lives, will be taking over Somerset House from 4-23 September 2018.

Paper Craft Artist

16 May 2018

App Store

Nowadays, there is an app for pretty much everything, but an app featured with Ben Fearnley’s work is pretty unique! Our CGI whiz has been commission by Apple, hard to escalate from here! The first illustration was created for an app used by HTML phobic - the concept was to create a mass mix of unorganised code that would then visually appear to be organised as it passes through the app icon shape, hence the use of the app simplifying the process of coding. The second illustration was created for an App used by apprentice artists, representing a pandora box as a design motif to express the creative world that is constantly pouring out ideas. Wrap you mind around that. 

CGI illustrator

14 May 2018


If there isn’t a Mick Marston Fan Club, there should be, what’s not to like? Endless creativity and a touch of humour make the perfect equation for his amazing bold illustrations. Mick has been kind enough to organise all his work by alphabetic order, so here is the letter C, for very clever illustration. 

Vector Illustrators

4 May 2018

Data Mind

Paul Wearing is a keen visionary, he can translate all sorts of data into conceptual and impactful illustration. He embodies a visual language for big business campaigns that transform clinical ideas into bright, bold imagery with a human focus. This campaign was created for the CFA Institute, illustrating key themes of the company ethic such as diversity and trust.

Vector Illustrators