6 August 2018

Welcome to the Museum

Welcome To The Museum is the latest book illustrated by Ruby Taylor with Puffin. This engaging and innovative format is filled with press-out pieces and stickers as well as a book full of tips on how to create your very own museum - the perfect gift for all of those young and curious minds. 

26 July 2018

Who's a Good Boy?

After illustrating the book “Survivors”, an incredible real-life stories of extreme survivals, Kerry Hyndman is back with the second part of David Long’s trilogy “Heroes”, which this time concerns animal bravery! We love the story of Jet the Alsatian dog who became a hero of the Blitz, pulling survivors from burning rubble, night after night. A beautifully illustrated book realised on the 4th of October! 

11 July 2018

Book Festival

Book nerds, this one is for you. Edinburgh International Book Festival will launch on the 11th of August and CIA artist Jill Calder will be a featured artist! Jill will be participating in two events, both on August 14th, starting with “The Lives of Illustrators” which reveal their deepest secrets about children’s illustration, followed by an epic drawing adventure investigating the world like never before with her latest book ‘The Picture Atlas’. Tickets to the Book Festival on sale, see you there! 

children illustrators

18 June 2018

Where's Fivey?

Uijung Kim illustrates a playful piece with a hidden mascot 'Fivey". Can you spot him? Illustrated for Scottish Power who are sponsoring Marathons, commissioned by Leith. Great characters and what a celebratory scene! 

1 June 2018

Marcos Farina

Let’s celebrate June with our new signing straight from Argentina, Marcos Farina! Marcos studied graphic design & handmade printing techniques and is now teaching at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism in Buenos Aires. His clean illustrative style is playful and unique with a carefully selected palette rooted in retro. With ingenuity and a sprinkle of humour, Marcos tackles complex concepts, always seeking a simple, beautifully structured outcome. 


childrens illustrators

29 May 2018

The Wild Year Book

Here is a book to oppose human hibernation, packed full of adventures, games and crafts that will get your children outdoors all year round with no excuse to stay in playing video games. A unique hand-crafted feel book cover illustrated by CIA’s artist Harriet Taylor Seed

pattern artist

11 May 2018

Time Out

Scottish folks, it’s your lucky day! The amazing Perth festival of the arts is starting on the 17th of this month. Jill Calder has illustrated those bright and cheering flyers for the occasion and will be doing a workshop during the Festival based on her amazing book “The Picture Atlas”.  

Hand Draw & Collage Illustrators

6 April 2018

Challenge London

A New Direction agency are working with CIA artist Ruby Taylor and together they're shaking things up for the children and young people in London, giving them access to some of London’s extraordinary creative and cultural offerings. This beautiful piece of infographic is a part of their new project “Challenge London”. 

Children illustrators

2 April 2018

Happy Ever After

It’s not every day that a client like Disney comes knocking at your door… well at Sam Gilbey's magical castle door to be exact. We are so proud to share his work being featured in the last Disney commercial! For Disney movie enthusiast's, you will recognise the village from Beauty and the Beast and a scene from Cinderella beautifully painted with a whimsical tone. Well done Sam, dreams can come true after all!

Painterely Illustrator

19 March 2018

Winning Hiker

Big ups to our super fabulous in-house animation team Dog and Rabbit who have won the best TV/Film Graphics Award in the British Animation Awards announced last week. The film titled 'Hiker' is a one minute ident for the Travel Channel featuring a little man and an excited goat animated to scale over video footage shot in Dawlish Warren in Devon.


This is a very prestigious award to win in the animation industry and we couldn't be more proud. Check out the film in all it's superb glory over here.