16 May 2018

App Store

Nowadays, there is an app for pretty much everything, but an app featured with Ben Fearnley’s work is pretty unique! Our CGI whiz has been commission by Apple, hard to escalate from here! The first illustration was created for an app used by HTML phobic - the concept was to create a mass mix of unorganised code that would then visually appear to be organised as it passes through the app icon shape, hence the use of the app simplifying the process of coding. The second illustration was created for an App used by apprentice artists, representing a pandora box as a design motif to express the creative world that is constantly pouring out ideas. Wrap you mind around that. 

CGI illustrator

9 August 2016


Ray Smith has been busy crafting these pretty cool Emojis for Fanmoji.

With such topical pictures for this London emoji set, we can't wait to download them and Sadiq Khan all over our messages. #sadiq-on-fleek


Check out the full set on his folio page!

8 September 2015

A bit of Razzle Dazzle

Who hasn't dreamed of souping up their own boat and sailing out to sea? For a boy growing up in the Midlands, sailing the ocean seemed a hugely distant reality, trust me.


Sir Peter Blake's new app, Dazzleit has given a landlocked mind like mine a little bit of hope! It's something so simple, very curious and just a little bit addictive. You mix one of your own photos with a pattern designed by Peter Blake by shaking your phone and then paste the blended image onto an ocean liner. Then the magic happens! From the safety of your own home you sail away across an augmented reality.


The project comes off the back of Sir Peter’s recent project designing the pattern for the good ship Everybody Razzle Dazzle for the Liverpool Biennial. Now you can create your own ship through your own phone.

dazzleit Pete