17 May 2018

Save The Date

'Never work with animals or children’ or so they say...On Tuesday 29th May, Dog and Rabbit will show you why. This special squad of very talented individuals, expert in 3D and 2D animation, will be at The Book Club in Shoreditch, screening a programme of short films and animations (including several BAFTA winners). If this is not enough to win you over, listen to this, the admission is free! Doors open at 7pm. Films start at 8pm. Be there.  


11 April 2018


It took just 6 weeks to produce, illustrate and animate a music video from scratch…one of the many talents of Mason London! He reimagined the three members of music group “Dream Wife” as robots, inspired by 1988 Japanese science fiction film, Akira. A blend of action and details which takes place in a dystopian future mirroring our civilisation, where the robotic band are forced to play repeatedly in a bar for finally breaking free. “I liked the idea of making a video where someone was trying to contain this energy at the beginning of the song but then it inevitably breaks free.” Watch the full video here!

19 March 2018

Winning Hiker

Big ups to our super fabulous in-house animation team Dog and Rabbit who have won the best TV/Film Graphics Award in the British Animation Awards announced last week. The film titled 'Hiker' is a one minute ident for the Travel Channel featuring a little man and an excited goat animated to scale over video footage shot in Dawlish Warren in Devon.


This is a very prestigious award to win in the animation industry and we couldn't be more proud. Check out the film in all it's superb glory over here.


12 March 2018

Family Feud

Brosmind is a family business, like in every family and in every business, they sometimes have conflicted point of views. Brothers Juan and Alejandro have a totally different and unusual approach of how to resolve those conflicts and this must be why we love them so much. They started developing a series of technological gadgets to ingeniously unlock any dead end situations about decision making.


Let us introduce you the FlipCoin which is making binary decisions much easier.“ By pressing its' only button, we will jump to a nice animated coin, which at the fall will randomly show the face of Juan or Alejandro”. The Brosmind Dunk offers a method for making decisions less immediate than the launch of a coin. “It is ideal for situations where you are discussing issues with a certain depth where it is not advisable to make hot decisions.” The system consists of a two-player basketball game, in which the winner will be the one whose opinion will be accepted. And finally, for extreme situations that can affect the existence of the study or family cohesion, the Family Business. “In this case it is a 4 players fighting video game, starring all the members of our family. The system offers many possible results. If nobody agrees, logically the game will end when there is only one character left standing”.

Vector Illustrators

22 February 2018

Mason London

We are delighted to welcome some fresh blood here at CIA. Known under the mysterious pseudonym of Mason London, Joe Prytherch can turn any project into something cool and energetic, referencing popular culture with a mix of sensitive observational work and punchy, humorous surrealism.

Hugely influenced by hip-hop and underground music, it’s as the art director for the online music platform Boiler Room that Joe started his career before becoming a full-time illustrator and animator. His style has already been adopted by brands like Nike or Adidas and record labels such as Stones Throw among others. He’s even proven himself as a one-man powerhouse of animation, producing an entire music video from scratch in 6 weeks.

Digital Illustrator

14 February 2018

Love & Yoghurt

It's Valentines day, hoorah. I'm sure we are expected to show you some kind of humorous satirical piece on the perils of romance because, y'know, we're funny like that. This year we're making a change, getting cute and showing off a spectacular project by a truly tremendous artist. Aitch has worked with Chobani to create a fully fledged campaign for their rebrand and release of their latest product. You can see her work beautifully animated over here. Until then, here's some brand illustration, some delicious yoghurt and some super huge lovin' from us. 



31 January 2018

All Around the World

Our animated studio Dog & Rabbit have been busy working on a series of 60 second film for the Travel Channel. “Little Journeys” is a story about one little man going on a long adventure all over the world, sticking his memories in his book and dancing a lot. A mixture of stop-frame, motion graphics and hand drawn animation that we don’t get tired of watching. Watch the video here


21 December 2017


There is something calming and hypnotic about Mario Wagner’s GIF - A smart droste effect which makes it hard to look away. His engaging work is pushing the boundaries of illustration into the realms of animation, with a smart budget too. We love that this can be used to illustrate an article in the same space as a still image might. Good work Mario!

Vector Illustrators

1 December 2017


Hold the mic! It's Gary Neill, demonstrating what he can do with a clever gif to bring a concept to life. Gary's strength is in his simplicity of form, using a 'conceal and reveal' effect in his motion work enhances the narrative, often sprinkling his work with humour. Now there's an idea...

13 November 2017

Shortlist 2017

We're extremely proud to announce that the illustrated cover by folk artist Aitch is on the Waterstones Book of The Year 2017 Shortlist. Check out the #bookoftheyear line up and fingers crossed for the marvel we calle Aitch. Results out on November 30th!