12 April 2017

Forbidden Forest

We can't help but share another delight from Andy Singleton's  project with Pottermore. Our favourite and rather heoric creature, known to some as 'Witherwings' but most as 'Buckbeak'. A charming and passionate hippogriff who lived with Rubeus Hagrid in the School grounds and who was a loyal in defending Harry in battle mutliple times. Andy has created a whole array of paper crafted 3D models if you're as nerdy as we are about the wizzarding world.

16 March 2017

Paper Scales

Andy Singleton has been commissioned by global digital publisher of all things Harry Potter to conjure up a set of fantastical paper crafted beasts. If you're a fan of the wizzarding world, you are probably very familiar with some of the characters Andy has crafted. We implore you to explore them in detail over at the Pottermore website, have a lemon sherbet and find out your patronus whilst you're at it. That sounds like something Dumbeldore might say.

21 October 2016

Never Hide

Ray Ban have the right idea for promoting their cool shades. Ben Fearnley's probably the most exciting 3D artist out there. Packed full of punch and unfathomable shapes, we like the crops of this poster just as much as the full scale. Nice Job. 

30 June 2016

Express Yourself, Check Yourself

With the recent Brexit results infiltrating our thoughts, we are glued to our devices and news updates. Whilst we sit and wait, or stand and protest Ben Fearnley reminds us that it's ok to have a voice and express our opinions. We are a country of many cultures, we have different opinions about the European Union but do not let this give way to any sort of extremist reaction. Take head, read this and let's unite against any racism or prejudice! 

5 May 2016

Marrs Man

Tim Marrs is an art directing, guitar + skateboard designing, frame stylin' mastermind, He has a lot to do with this Audi advert looking so slick!

We'll leave you with some still frames from this collaboration.

You can see his illsutrations come to life HERE.

20 April 2016

Blake-designed Bentley

Sir Peter Blake has designed possibly the most delicious looking car for Bentley. The punchy colours, the stitched and signed leather seats- it's just all so sublime. This one-of-a-kind Bentley Continental GT V8 S Convertible will be auctioned for charity by Bonhams at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on June 24. Bentley commissioned Sir Peter to deliver the world’s first pop art Bentley, drawing on inspiration from his celebrated career at the forefront of the famous British pop art movement. We're currently wondering when our studio car is going to arrive...imagine taking this guy out for a spin, 



18 April 2016


The British Animation Awards hosted our exceptionally adept animators Dog and Rabbit amongst other hot talent. They created an ident for The Food Network, Criminal Baking was one of three finalists in the Best Film/TV Graphics category. Kudos to your culinary comedy guys!


Check it out HERE

11 March 2016

Behind the Screens

Ever wondered what illustrators get up to behind closed doors? 

We've been collecting studio shots of our CIA artists, a fascinating array of bookshelves, whippets, cutting tools, work aprons, paints, pens pots and more.

Kerry Hyndman has given the gift if a GIF and done a pretty cool portrait of herself at her desk. 

15 January 2016

Get Inspired

Andy Singleton's folio has had an overdue update and he's assured us that there's more to come soon too! Here's his most recent piece for Brussles Airline's in-flight magazine Inspired. Spot the yellow version on your next short haul flight or the green cover if you're flying long haul.

12 November 2015

Going Batty

Lynnie Zulu is currently part of 'The Art of Ping Pong', a new group show at KK Outlet, which showcases ping pong bats that have undergone an illustrated makeover before they are auctioned off, with all proceeds going to Children in Need. You can place your bid here.