20 April 2018

To The Queen

We needed a King to wish Happy Birthday to a Queen. So we’ve found the King of British Pop Art, Sir Peter Blake, one of the most influential artists of our generation. The painter said he had been there for many of the Queen’s big occasions "I was in the crowds with my grandmother at her wedding to Philip, the victory parade after the war, and lots of royal events" (Interview from the Telegraph - 2012). 91 years old and 66 years of reign, Queen Elisabeth has ruled for longer than any other Monarch in British history, becoming a respected figure across the globe. This portrait by Sir Peter Blake was commissioned to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee by the Radio Times back in 2012. 

Collage Illustrators

19 April 2018


Jonas Bergstrand has more than a trick in his hat. Besides his talent as an illustrator, Jonas is capable of delivering smart and efficient communicative concepts. He developed this for Mozilla, the recently updated web-browser Firefox. An eye-catching campaign defending identity, privacy and online safety.  


Vintage Illustrators

18 April 2018


Aloha! It's getting hot outside and the season of Aperol Spritz is almost upon us. Check out this meticulously crafted illustration from Jonny Wan for Aperol. These scorching graphics can be spotted on pop-up bars all over the UK this summer! Cheers!

17 April 2018


Whooli Chen strikes again with her harmonious balancing act of well-crafted visuals. 'From Blossom to Fruit' is an illustration produced for Kuo Yang Construction's real-estate campaign, celebrating their successful endeavours and frutiful business.

16 April 2018


Humour and peculiarity – the trademark of Paul Slater’s art. Paul’s iconic, darkly humorous style has been travelling through time without taking a wrinkle. This living legend is currently working on something rather secretive with the agency NB studio. So until the big reveal - here’s the artwork of a job that Paul created for NB studio the last time they worked together, a few decades ago. It’s looking as fresh today as it did then! 

Painterely Illustrator

13 April 2018

Whimsy Mine

Here is a funny one: Stephen Collins, a keen-eyed observer of modern life who translates everything around him into the funniest cartoons. This comic on “how to make funny cartoons” has been specially drawn for esteemed magazine Creative Review and is packed full of wit. Stephen will forever make us giggle over our morning cuppa splosh. 

Comic illustrator

12 April 2018


Jitesh Patel has been off on his lollidays again - don't be fooled though, his working pen never rests, Jitesh has been mapping out the streets and people of Amsterdam in this tight and brightly drawn info-illustration. 

11 April 2018


It took just 6 weeks to produce, illustrate and animate a music video from scratch…one of the many talents of Mason London! He reimagined the three members of music group “Dream Wife” as robots, inspired by 1988 Japanese science fiction film, Akira. A blend of action and details which takes place in a dystopian future mirroring our civilisation, where the robotic band are forced to play repeatedly in a bar for finally breaking free. “I liked the idea of making a video where someone was trying to contain this energy at the beginning of the song but then it inevitably breaks free.” Watch the full video here!

9 April 2018


A century of unseen British horror… this is what Dead Ink Books Publishing is ready to release after securing the rights to the entire Eden Book Society horror archives. A spooky project, but not scary enough for Darren Hopes who has already illustrated 6 of their books! His atmospheric and mysterious style will likely give you shivers down your spine.

Photo Collage Illustrators

6 April 2018

Challenge London

A New Direction agency are working with CIA artist Ruby Taylor and together they're shaking things up for the children and young people in London, giving them access to some of London’s extraordinary creative and cultural offerings. This beautiful piece of infographic is a part of their new project “Challenge London”. 

Children illustrators